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This article deals with the ∇ as a natural phenomenon. For the area of the same name please click here.

(pronounced Nabla) is a so far quite unexplored phenomenon that produces energies that are mainly released in triangular places. So far, the Platz is the strongest ∇-source discovered.


Origin of the name

The name “Nabla” is originally derived from a harp-like stringed instrument that was roughly in the shape of a triangle. Long forgotten for centuries, it is now the most widespread instrument in the European ∇-Republics.

The is not a separate Greek letter, but an inverted delta (Δ), the symbol for difference. The , on the other hand, is used to denote connections or to determine contexts. The Nabla operator is particularly useful for this purpose. This operator, which is formally a vector, relates different things and determines their relationship to one another. In short, everything is interrelated and the operator illustrates how. This made the the perfect symbol for the movement of the same name.

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