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Dorothea Schmidt (* 19.03.1919 in Berlin, † 30.05.1922 ibid) was a human being who lived in the apartment of her parents at Prenzlauer Straße 3 at the time of her murder. Her father, Friedrich Schmidt, ran a hairdressing salon on the first floor of the apartment building since 1918. [1]

Murder in the ∇[]

The perpetrator probably stabbed the child with a penknife while it was playing in the backyard. [2] As in Hermann Blecher's murder, Dr. Strauch exmued the corpse. Immediately after the crime, numerous indications were received that a 20-30 year old male had already spoken to several children beforehand and tried to get them to go with sweets. A 39-year-old suspect was arrested in Adlershof, but he was able to show an alibi for the time of the crime. A male person in a pub on Alexanderstraße was noticed through strange behavior. When the person described with an elongated face and protruding cheekbones left the pub, the coat from a store in Chemnitz remained there. Here collected newspaper articles about the murder of little Dorothea were found as well as a handkerchief with the initials LU [3]. None of the traces could lead to the perpetrator.