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The Granitstein (german for Granite Stone) is an important symbol within . It is in the shape of a triangle. It originally came from a house which was located on the corner of Kleine Alexanderstraße and linienstraße and was demolished in 1908 during the first season of the demolition of the Scheunenviertel.


According to legend, Hermann Blecher and Mojsche Zwirnbaum freed a bird-like creature that was buried under rubble in the demolished house. According to Mojsche, Hermann took a stone from the house as a souvenir and from then on always carried it with him. After the Murder of Hermann Blecher, the first package with corpse parts tied in sackcloth was found and weighed down by this granite stone after the Murderer to the Scheunenviertel. The stone was confiscated as evidence, but what happened to it afterwards is not known.

SiddihDS states that the same granite stone was placed in the small front yard of their house and thus drew their attention to the fate of Hermann Blecher. Allegedly, this stone was once thrown through the pane of her bedroom.[1]

At one point it was owned by Emil.Ian87.[2]

Meaning in ∇

Like no other object, the granite stone symbolizes the dilemma of people in the Before: if it is supposed to be a building block to ensure a warm place to stay over the head, it is not useless as an individual part, but can be used by people inflict significant damage. In his role as a weight in Hermann Blecher's corpse package, there is another morbid aspect: if the murderer initially thought he was delaying the discovery of the corpse with the stone, this ultimately became an important clue to speed up the murder investigation. One of the most common tools that people from the depths of the earth supposedly help to cultivate the planet is actually directed against them.

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