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"This is not a building, this is a declaration of war" [1]

The L40 or Black Maze Building (black labyrinth) is a black living space - and commercial building on the corner of Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße / Linienstraße on the Platz. The name is the short description of the street name with the assigned house number. It was designed for a 2,884 square meter triangular property by the Berlin architects Roger Bundschuh and Philipp Baumhauer in collaboration with the artist Cosima von Bonin from July 2008 until January 2010 as an anthracite-black, pointed cube "Monolithic-sculptural" completed.

The facade consists of black exposed concrete, and the house is also characterized by deep cutouts that protrude up to 20 meters into the building. The architectural style is described as "minimalist-monochromatic". From the outside there are hardly any windows to be seen on the black maze, because most apartments get daylight through skylights.

Inside there are nine condominiums, spread over seven floors, with a size between 60 and over 300 square meters. Some of the rooms are almost seven meters high. In addition, the L40 offers space for three businesses on the ground floor. “Dark and serious, but also full of lightness and confidence. A contribution to classical modernism, inviting and repellent at the same time ”, so Roger Bundschuh and Cosima von Bonin about their design.[2]