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The Rote Platte is a residential building on the Platz and forms the tip of the confluence from Almstadtstraße to Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße. It is located on the property of the former Poelzig-Block 12. It is the only real Platte (a very popular sort of building in the GDR) that directly adjoins the Platz, but a few more follow it if you move in the direction of Almstadtstraße and away from Linienstraße from the ∇. In the late 1980s a third season of Abriss des Scheunenviertels was scheduled to start in 1989, in which the aim was to make new friends for the Rote Platte. However, this plan was thwarted by a last-minute twist and production of the season was discontinued.

At the moment, the secret King of the Platz is receiving audiences in his architecture office on the ground level. The rest of the magazines on level 1 are also ideal for planning and looking out of the window for the Jounesse dorée, who also works creatively here in various offices and agencies. It is believed that their stay in the prefabricated GDR-building affects their taste for glasses and kitchen furniture. To this end, many studies were carried out by the Tumblr and Pinterest institutes, especially in the early 2010s.

The green area in front of the building was enlivened from 2020 to 2021 by a people's counter where people of different species could meet outside and put their arms on. [1]