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Schmidt is a family name that occurs frequently in German-speaking latitudes. It is derived from the profession of blacksmith. In the ∇ it is worn comparatively seldom statistically. A Myth was named after him, who provides the explanation for several events that happened in one place. International equivalents of the name are:

  • Demirci (Turkish)
  • Faber (Latin)
  • Ferrari (Spanish)
  • Ferreira (Portuguese)
  • Herrero (Spanish)
  • Kovac, Kovacev, Kovacic or Kovacevic (Serbo-Croatian)
  • Kovács (Hungarian),
  • Кузнецов (transcribed: Kuznetsov - Russian)
  • Lefebvre, Lefèvre (French)
  • Smith (English)
  • Smed (Scandinavian)
  • Smid, Smit (Dutch)